Destructuring in JavaScript

Destructuring assignment is one of the most flexible, simplest feature in modern JavaScript. It’s a JavaScript expression that makes it possible to unpack values from Arrays, properties from Objects, or even Function params, into distinct variables.

Set up React Toolchain from the Ground up

Setting up a React application is a unsettling challenge. Facebook gives us a boilerplate to get started immediately create-react-app it uses Babel and webpack under the hood, but you don’t need to know anything about them.

Progressive Web Apps - elmahdim

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) is a modern web capabilities that combine all the goodness of the web and the top-notch of native app features. Progressive Web Apps rely on the mobile web browser and does not require the hassle of requiring an app marketplace.

CSS Variables

CSS Custom Properties (Native FWT)

Modern CSS has a powerful feature called CSS Custom Properties (AKA CSS Variables); this feature allows us to get things done more elegantly (Native FWT).

Safe, reliable Browser sniffing

Browser detection using top-level object in the BOM. No third party.
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